Counseling Services

Small Groups will be ongoing throughout the school year as needed for selected students. The groups will run for 6 week sessions for all grade levels. Group topics may include friendship, anger management,anxiety and self esteem. Parents will be contacted and asked to sign permission forms prior to ANY students participating in small group meetings.

Individual Counseling is available for ALL students at the request of parent/guardians, teachers, and students. If you would like for your child to meet with me individually to assist with any school related issues or issues that are impacting their academic success please feel free to contact me. Individual counseling in a school setting is short term in nature but referrals for outside providers are available upon request.

Classroom Lessons will be ongoing throughout the year. The purpose of these lessons will be to promote character development and to teach developmentally appropriate social-emotional skills for all students. Letters will be sent home after classroom lessons to inform you of what the students are learning.